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Land is the follow-up of Gurilândia for the students from the sixth grade of elementary school on.


We keep tradition with modern knowledge and practice.

Our futuristic design unites academic excellence, development of life skills and international mentality.


Form a new generation of people capable of making a difference in your personal and professional life.


ACADEMIC EXCELLENCE A demanding school. We work in a contextualized way so that the student can connect what he studies to what he lives.

INTERNATIONAL IB CURRICULUM AND EXCHANGE BETWEEN IB SCHOOLS AROUND THE WORLD Through the Middle Years Programme, the student can study at any IB school around the world because the curriculum is the same. Just choose in which country and when you want to study.

MULTILINGUALISM We are a Brazilian school, however here, we speak Portuguese, English, French or Spanish, from Elementary School II to High School.

ABILITY FOR LIFE We know that only academic knowledge is not enough to achieve success in life. It takes more, the development of skills are essential to the personal and professional success of the student.

INTERNATIONAL MENTALITY Having an international mindset presupposes understanding the world and its complexities. Being a global citizen is to recognize yourself and others as agents that promote change and value responsible behavior. Identity and diversity, ethics and justice, health and education, the environment and sustainability are themes present in the Land's education.

LEARNING SPACES A Land tem ambientes físicos vibrantes, bem conectados, que encorajam e apoiam tipos diferentes de aprendizagem. A flexibilidade, mobilidade e transparência são essenciais em uma escola moderna. As evidências mostram que o design físico de um espaço tem um impacto nos resultados dos alunos. A neurociência comprova que a simples mudança de espaço já motiva o aluno a aprender mais.

FLIPPED CLASSROOM Short videos about the class are viewed at home before the face-to-face class, while the time in the classroom is dedicated to doing exercises, projects and discussions. During in-class classes, teachers have the role of being mentors, mentors, encouraging questions and debates.

COMMUNITY SERVICE The Land student has community projects as an essential part of the curriculum. Engagement in humanitarian causes is the pillar for the formation of the conscious citizen.

DESIGN AND TECHNOLOGY O melhor do design e o melhor da tecnologia juntos para alavancar a aprendizagem. Artes - Artes plásticas, música e teatro. Um currículo diverso que explora a criatividade e ampliação cultural.

SPORTS Here the sport is a serious curricular project. Classes from the most varied sports to the formation of teams for national and international competitions

personal project A psychological service integrated with the curriculum, with a psychologist who closely follows and guides the personal demands of the students.

TEACHERS WITH MASTER AND/OR DOCTORATE DEGREES WORKING WITH GLOBAL CONTEXTS AND SYNERGY Team formed by professionals experienced in their fields of knowledge, but with constant training in international education. All united by the same global context, focused and integrated in the same goal.

Electives We will offer students, from the 9th year, a set of optional subjects in English and Portuguese, to broaden the student's education. Electives are: introduction to law, engineering and technology, creativity and communication, pre-medical, entrepreneurship, and many other options at the service of student choice.

INTRODUCTION TO THE RIGHT Students learn basic notions of law as a way to be more active in the society in which they live.

GOOGLE CLASSROOM The Land has vibrant, well-connected physical environments that encourage and support different types of learning. Flexibility, mobility and transparency are essential in a modern school. Evidence shows that the physical design of a space has an impact on student achievement. Neuroscience proves that simply changing space already motivates the student to learn more.

MOBILITY IN THE ROOM All the furniture on earth has wheels, so the teacher organizes the classroom throughout the day in whatever way he thinks best. In groups, in circles, queues, etc... The mobility of the classroom increases the motivation and interaction between students and teachers.