International education

A school connected to the world

In line with IB (International Baccalaureate), Gurilândia International School aims to develop intercultural understanding and respect. Our students are empowered to help create a better and more peaceful world. This is reflected in the 10 attributes of the IB community profile.

We support our students to become lifelong learners and understand that the way you learn is as important as what you study in school.

They are the centre of our program and learn how to learn, how to manage their learning and how to turn experience into understanding, based on research, action and reflection.

Our classes are authentic and interactive, students learn by doing! They explore how to meet local and global challenges, use creativity to work on solutions and connect traditional academic disciplines to different areas of study.

For our school, ongoing assessment is one of a variety of strategies to support students, helping them understand how they are doing and how they can continue to improve. We give constant feedback and work to enable them to become self-adjusting.

IB has rigorous evaluation models that have earned them worldwide respect, including IB recognition, a diploma with an international university entrance qualification.

Federação branch

Av. Cardeal da Silva, N.º 1451, Federação - Salvador-BA 40.231-010

Magalhães Neto branch

Av. Miguel Navarro y Canizares, Nº11, Pituba, CEP: 41810-215